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Valley Pre-Primary has set up a fund called the Sonwabile Bursary Fund to assist these children with school fees, and the costs of co-curricular and extra-mural activities, outings and special events and experiences that all the other little school children enjoy. Here some of our success stories

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Amanda Moloto (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016)


* Mbasa is a TV anchor on Hectic Nine- 9 (Hn9). Appearing once or twice a week the show has been nominated for a Golden Horn Award for Best Variety Programme and Golden Horn Award for Best Talk Show. The bespoke website draws an average of 558 500 hits a day, while the Facebook page continues to defy expectations with close on 120 000 fans.

... and it all started in 1999 at Valley Pre-Primary


Cayden Faulman (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016)


Nqobile Qandani (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016)


Mkateko Mbali Mongwe (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016)

“We would love to thank everybody on school governing body and everybody who has contributed to each and every child in raising funds for our kids to get good education. This means a lot to us Mbalis Parents Peggy and Happy seeing our child Mbali in a good school she is doing really well improved herself in so many ways the feeling is just amazing. We are very excited and proud as these has also help us in so many ways and made life much more easy especially knowing that our kid is in one of the Best school in Houtbay it is a dream come true as this has been our wish.

Again we would love to thank everybody who has made this happen this means so much to us we are so grateful and hope to carries on to help others as well”

Many thanks
Happy, Peggy and Mbali


Abigail Pato (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016) 

When we heard that Abigail got a scholarship we were so happy and excited. We knew that this will change her life. The whole extended family was so excited. When we told Abigail that she will attend at Valley pre school, she was so happy, and said she will learn English. We are so grateful that our daughter got this opportunity.

Abigail has made friends with all races at school. The interaction that is happening at school with parents, teachers and kids is amazing. I love attending their events, birthdays and parent meetings. We are so grateful that our girl got a great opportunity that will change her life, and give her a good foundation educationally
and socially. 

Education is the key to success, and giving is a lifestyle. Thank you to those who have given their lives to change the future of our kids through education. God bless you all.


Bukho (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016)



As a parent to have someone else taking care of your child's education is such an honour and a blessing. 

I strongly believe that the Valley bursary has really made us a more successful family today. The bursary has given all my 3 children such a solid foundation and a direction that will take them far in life..."the sky is the limit".

If it was not for the Valley bursary my kids wouldn't be in the best schools. My daughter is 8 years in PYP 3 with a huge determination to achieve success (she wants to be a doctor as a profession and a spy after hours!) and a dream of being able to sponsor a child's education one day.

A huge thank you goes to all the sponsors that are behind such an amazing drive with such good intentions. Keep up the good work.


Noluthando Zondi (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016)



Praise Sithole (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016) 


Am Mr Sithole, the father of Praise Sithole who is a beneficiary of the Bursary Program provided at Valley Pre-Primary school. 

Am very thankful to God for such programs, personally I real appreciate every effort that marks this program available. This means a lot to me as a parent. My child is now having a decent and quality education and I understand this is actually shaping the future of my child.

Tendai Ngadya (aged 5): Educational bursary (2016)



Jonathan Dwenga (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2018)


Demi Lee Solomon:

Educational bursary (2018) 


Etana Mboniswa:

Educational bursary (2018)


Presley Phillips:

Educational bursary (2018)




Ms Mbasa Fefe (aged 22):

Educational bursary (1999)

“I remember when I first went to Valley Pre Primary School. I couldn't speak a single word of English!! I was 5 years old. It was August 1999.

I was all chgd thbcn snsbbdxgzzxt hahaha! Literally! That school gave me the foundation of my life! I was so blessed! At that age I had no idea how it was possible that I was in such an incredible institution and it's only now that I'm 22 and grown that I know how it all came about. Through the kind and generous sponsors I received, it enabled me to get this foundation phase education and also furthered my learning to the next phase which was at Kronendal Primary School where I was able to attend grades 4-7. 

People who give to such causes have changed my life because now I'm yearning to do the same and I have that kind of spirit of giving back everywhere I go. Through Valley School I had the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela which was the best day of my life!!

I'm a TV presenter on the biggest platform for the Youth on SABC* and I'm a strong and ambitious young lady. I have been truly blessed and I encourage you to keep funding children like myself who have so much potential but cannot afford a good education. Thank you so much!!!”


Luka Clarke (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016) 



I want to Thank Valley for affording my son Luka Clarke the opportunity by granting him the bursary. 

I never had the opportunity to study at a top Class school in Hout Bay. Since my son is at Valley he has grown so much physically, mentally and emotionally and I am sure in future he will have much more opportunities.

Jayden Cupido (aged 5):

Educational bursary (2016) 

“We just want to let you know that we appreciate the bursary that was granted to my sons because of the help of the bursaries my eldest son Yanick also attended this lovely school. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication from all the parents and teachers when it comes to fundraising like the Sandcastle that plays a big role in the bursaries.”

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