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Dear Gareth, Mhinthi (and Christa)
Juts a quick very warm note to say thank you and that you guys are amazing with what you are achieving through the Sandcastle Competition. It is WONDERFUL community building project. Well done! And thank you for ensuring we rock up. It really was super special and we will be there in future: no ifs or buts. I am told it is a very slick, well organised incredible event. I really hope to be there next year. Below is a short summary of the event, I am starting to prepare for our May newsletter! It was written and photos taken by Karen Temlett – thanks Karen (small edits by me hence any errors or omissions are on me)

“Sandcastle Success”.On12 March 2016the popular Valley Pre-Primary Sandcastle building competition was held on Hout Bay beach.The HPP School entered one team to participate. After some initial disorganization the team was finally made up of seven HPP School children, one granny, a few moms, one father, a few siblings, June Arn (our teacher) and Siddika Adams (our class assistant). They were well supported by Matthew Schröder and Karen Temlett, our Incredible Interim principalJ.  A picture of a hippo was the inspiration. The parents and children had so much fun and we were seriously warmed by the team work that took place! Even a tear or two was shed… The HPP School team came 2ndin the Sonwabile teams and were given a prize for the best Team effort. So the children got sunglasses, bags, sweeties, lip ice, water bottles, peaks, and more. They were absolutely thrilled.

A deep thank you to theSandcastle Forum of Valley Pre-Primary School(especially Gareth Lowndes and Mhinthi Pato) for ensuring that HPP School enters a team. And making a difference by creating this special event to show amazing people that just because one might come from an underprivileged background, does not mean one cannot have fun, achieve success and live a full, wonderful life. Everyone was so grateful they made the effort to come and are already talking about what we will be building next year…
Warm regards



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Thanks Gareth!! 

Thanks also to Gill and Mhinti!! :):):)

Having never taken part in this event I truly, truly had a superb day especially as I was sharing it with some very, very special little people and their carers/parents!!

The day was AMAZING and thank you once again for including us and making it happen!!

Warmest Regards



Interim Principal I Hangberg Pre-Primary School

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Dear all the organisers and contributors of the Sandcastle competition,

On behalf of our staff and children I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in creating this amazing event and for choosing to include Amoyo.

We had such a wonderful time and this platform created an environment for us to observe our children utilising life skill concepts that we have been introducing to them. We were incredibly proud of what our teams achieved and the incredible team effort displayed.

Thank you also for allowing us to perform and for the refreshments provided to the children.

Yours in appreciation
Kim Worrall

Founder / CEO
Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation
Reg No: 2015/313487/08
Mobile: 0027-82-9587187
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